Though Lady Justice’s scales of justice may appear

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In the ABA’s revised guidelines of 2003, they advise

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In modern times, a vast amount of discovery material is created and provided in

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There are a magnitude of reasons that a person who is truly innocent can still b

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Welcome To Global Defense Services

Who We are

Global Defense Services specializes in criminal defense investigations and sentencing mitigation advocacy. One of the most important members of a criminal defense team is a skilled, results oriented, and motivated investigator that can work with clients that are facing serious criminal charges or who have been wrongfully convicted. Since 2002, we have focused on providing the highest quality services by tailoring the needs to each attorney and client in order to facilitate the most effective defensive strategy.

When it comes to sentencing in federal court or in capital murder trials, having an in-depth mitigation investigation is key in getting the best outcome for the client.

Obviously, all clients deserve a fair trial. And just like the prosecutors, who have special agents and detectives working to help build their case, the defendant should equally have someone highly trained and skilled to help build theirs!

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Why Choose Us?

We get results that make a difference

Our work history includes everything from complex, high profile, capital murder cases to DUI’s. We pride ourselves in acknowledging, to the client, EVERY case is serious.

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of Experience

Global Defense Services is here to provide you with more information, answer any questions that I can (I do not give legal advice) and create an effective solution for whatever problem that you may have.

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J. Matthew Bolton

I am a defense attorney in East Tennessee. I met Marc Caudel in 2007, and utilized his services many, many times after that. Hiring Marc to assist in your case is money well spent and your clients will benefit tremendously!

Jimmy Rauhuff

I was charged with First Degree murder and Marc Caudel was appointed as my investigator.  Not only did he prove the State was hiding evidence that was favorable to my case, he recognized that my “confession” was false and found the right expert to prove my innocence.  If it were not for Marc and his investigation, I would most likely be spending the rest of my life in prison.  Thanks to him, I was found not guilty and was able to go home to my family.

Global Defense Services

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