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Marc Caudel is a California Licensed Private Investigator and Mitigation Specialist based in the Sacramento area that has specialized in criminal defense investigations and sentencing advocacy since 2002. Having worked for both state and federal public defender offices, as well as privately, he has the skills needed to effectively assist attorneys in building the defense for those being prosecuted as well as helping craft creative and thought provoking sentencing options. He is a Memphis, TN native who, after being honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy where he served as a Hospital Corpsman, moved to San Francisco where he studied International Relations. He then moved to Mexico at which time he volunteered with the Cruz Roja in Lake Chapala, Jalisco and studied Spanish. After returning to the United States, he interned at the Public Defender’s office in Memphis, TN, where he was later hired as an investigator and worked on the Capital Defense Team. From there he worked for the Federal Public Defender in Pittsburgh, PA before returning to Tennessee where he worked as a private defense investigator and mitigation specialist until moving back to California in 2016. As an investigator, he has assisted in the defense of well over a 150 First Degree Murder cases in both State and Federal court and close to 2000 other felony cases that include a wide array of crimes. While working in conjunction with the defense attorney, he has been instrumental in being able to create reasonable doubt on a countless number of cases that either resulted in dismissals, acquittal’s or plea agreements for lesser offenses. As a mitigation specialist, he has the knowledge, training and experience required for evaluating clients for potential intellectual disabilities, researching and documenting social histories, and assisting the attorney craft creative mitigation themes that can mean the difference between life and death. Having traveled throughout Asia, Europe and Central America, and having lived abroad in Japan and Mexico, he speaks multiple languages and can adapt to other cultures with ease. This has made him effective in his abilities to interview family members and witnesses that come from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and socioeconomic groups.



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I am a Criminal Defense Investigator and Mitigation Specialist. I have worked on thousands of cases such as :

2000+ Felonies

Felonies are the most serious of the two types of cases.  Misdemeanors being the least serious in terms of potential incarceration and long-term effects on one’s life.  Some of these include crime


These are obviously the most serious and complicated of cases and are meant to apply to only the worst of the worst offenders. However, that has not always been the case and many times, politics has a


Some homicides are not illegal. Criminal laws carve out exceptions for some killings which would otherwise fall under criminal laws against manslaughter or murder. These are referred to as "justified

3000+ CASES

From DUI’s to high profile death penalty cases, we have the experience and skills to seek out the evidence that can be useful in assisting the defense attorney in reb

J. Matthew Bolton

I am a defense attorney in East Tennessee. I met Marc Caudel in 2007, and utilized his services many, many times after that. Hiring Marc to assist in your case is money well spent and your clients will benefit tremendously!

Jimmy Rauhuff

I was charged with First Degree murder and Marc Caudel was appointed as my investigator.  Not only did he prove the State was hiding evidence that was favorable to my case, he recognized that my “confession” was false and found the right expert to prove my innocence.  If it were not for Marc and his investigation, I would most likely be spending the rest of my life in prison.  Thanks to him, I was found not guilty and was able to go home to my family.